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"I have to say its an amazing product with record and playback which works on all major browsers regardless of their versions. Super impressed."
Senior Automation Engineer
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Sahi Pro Automation Testing Tool Review

“I had a fantastic experience utilizing Sahi Pro. Would recommend to anyone.”

Daniel S
Client Services Implementation Project Manager
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"We are using Sahi Pro for automating End to End business process scenarios and it helps us really to identify bugs at prior stage."
Verified Reviewer on Capterra
Used the software for 2+ years
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Sahi Pro Test Automation Platform

Free Trial Package Includes:

Sahi Pro free trial package is designed to help you take an informed decision in selecting the test automation platform that's the best fit for your needs. Whether it's us or some other platform, the information provided in the package along with a few days of easy tinkering with Sahi Pro free trial will help you discover what's best for your needs.
  • Fully loaded Sahi Pro test automation platform 30 days free trial
  • Executive briefing on how leading tech companies select test automation platforms (5 page pdf)
  • 4 interviews with senior test automation industry leaders, including one with career advice for young techies (15 page pdf)
  • Best practice recommendations from 3 tech founders on how they dealt with test automation challenges (10 page pdf)
  • 7 in-depth case studies detailing a variety of test automation challenges faced by various industry verticals (12 page pdf)
  • Free access to Sahi Test Automation Academy
30 days free trial • Run unlimited number of tests for free • No credit card required

Customers love the speed & flexibility of Sahi Pro

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Linda Markhart
Principle QA Engineer
I wish I would have found this product sooner. I was able to get our product’s regression tests up and running very quickly. Post running the regression tests against every build now a failure in the log is one that tells me that something has changed a bug has been introduced. Sahi is a time saver.
Monica Becerra
Senior QA
If you do repetitive and tedious UI regression tests, SahiPro is for you!  SahiPro works out of the box and provides its own API, so you do not need to write code from scratch.
Mandi Papich
Manager, Testing
Automation & QA
I have used Sahi Pro at 2 different organizations now.  Sahi support is wonderful and very helpful.  This tool helps me to save time every day to find bugs faster across browsers during regression testing. It works out of the box across browsers. Much less coding and configuration than using Selenium. I rely on it each day as we release to production every day.
CEVA Logistics
Theo van Alphen
Testing Manager
CEVA Logistics testing team has been working with Sahi Pro Web and Desktop for 4 years now. The tool is very easy to use and understand. The main advantages being cost effectiveness and a prompt customer support. Sahi Pro provides solutions for situations that cannot be handled with open source tools.
Basheer Shaik
Head of QA
Sahi Pro Automation tool has been built with the QA fraternity in mind and does not require advanced software programming skills. It is easy to use across multiple browsers and the support from the Sahi team is always prompt.
Rahul Agarwal
Manager, Testing
Automation & QA
Sahi Pro creates win-win situation for employee as well as employer where manual testers skill enhancement provides better job satisfaction to employee and employer gets the benefits of employee retention, automation and load testing.
Tan Lun Sunar
QA Manager
The major reason we chose Sahi Pro was because it is light, simple and provides all the basic functions needed by us. Every team member is able to pick up in very short time as compared to other tools like HP and IBM Rational Tester.
Anil Bhat
Associate Vice
President, R&D
We have been able to meet our automation goals after starting to use Sahi quickly and without the need to hire resources with specialized skills. Sahi team has always been open about including specific challenges that we encountered into their roadmap.
Thieme Group
Torsten Reschke
Senior System
We had little or no experience with test automation. Sahi Pro made it easier for us to get started and we were able to see success very quickly. The integration of Sahi Pro into our tool chain was easy and runs smoothly.
Dunstan Thomas
Peter Akwue
Quality Assurance
Automation Engineer
If you are looking for an automation tool that's user friendly and robust, I will indulge you to go for Sahi Pro. it's extra ordinary capabilities and features are incomparable with any other tool in the market.
Mahindra Comviva
Mahesh VG
Technical Manager
Sahi Pro has been ideal solution for our web test automation needs with one tool addressing various web technologies. Its adoption is an exciting journey in which the test coverage is increasing constantly within Mahindra Comviva.
Joerg Sievers
QA Manager
Sashi Pro's maintenance and support efforts are unbeatably low, since it is possible to use the created tests robustly even over many major versions. If a problem should occur, the support is able to solve the problem very quickly.
BMC Software
Abhira Khachane
Testing &
Automation Specialist
Automation is no longer scary/unachievable when using Sahi Pro. It is very efficient to achieve maximum automation in less time with better stability. Greater speed of script writing with better stability, logs and support.
Aris Global
Dr. KKP Chanduka
Head of Research
Sahi Pro provides a one stop solution to most of our test automation requirements. Its innovative feature of smart combination of record-playback along key-word generation for key-word driven tests and data-driven tests and suite executions makes it a unique test automation tool to meet the demand for rapid automation.
KK Salla
Quality Assurance
We are very old users of Sahi Pro and we are very happy to share that we have seen this tool get better day by day with new and robust features. The dedication of the support team and the amazing features of the tool definitely make it stand out in the crowd of several other competitive automation tools.
Siemens AG
Jonas Roser
Test Manager
& Developer
Sahi Pro helps our team to quickly automate our test cases, with great functionality and options to reuse our existing code. The framework has a courteous support, which is quick to provide solutions to arising problems & questions.

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