Do you make these mistakes in test automation?

Loss of focus on business use cases?

  • ‍Spending too much time at the automation layer writing code rather than focusing on the business usecases in the business layer.
  • Creating testing teams which are too heavy on automation engineers and neglecting business testers.
  • Not making the test automation code readable to business stake holders who can verify if the test case is correct.

Depend too much on programmers?

  • Hiring engineers who understand programming but are weak in business domain expertise, test data generation, etc.
  • Depending too much on one or two automation 'superstars' who quickly become bottle necks. Leads to project abandonement when they leave.

Underesitmate & Overestimate simultaneously?

  • Trying to automate everything.
  • Trying to automate only on the API layer and ignoring functional UI automation.
  • Trying to automate only on the UI layer and ignoring unit and API level testing.
  • Either treating test automation code too seriously (testing code is like production code) or too lightly (just write junit tests to test the UI).
  • Building everything inhouse instead of picking ready made off the shelf products with support.

Has maintenance become a second thought?

  • Writing code without clear separation between business logic, automation code, and data. This quickly becomes unmaintainable.
  • Using object identification mechanisms that are brittle and prone to change when application changes.
  • Not setting up clean repeatable test execution environments.
  • Not running automation suites regularly as part of their Continuous Integration systems.

Using hacks where a powerful automation tool is needed and vice versa?

  • Making automation work using hacks rather than simulating end user interaction.
  • Building automation code which is too dependent on the whether the application is web based or mobile based (or Java or SAP).
  • Building test automation frameworks by copy pasting code from various places.
  • Not using useful tools like Recorders and Object Spys under the false pretension of being more technical.
  • Abandoning tests when they start failing because of low confidence on automation.

Top 20 Test Automation Mistakes

Do you make these mistakes in test automation?

Common Mistakes In Test Automation
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