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Best Automation Testing Tools

The honest truth about "Best Automation Testing Tool" is that - there isn't one. It all depends on your specific needs. Here's a simple 3-point framework that'll help you easily navigate the test automation tool selection process.

How to choose an "automation testing tool" that's best for your specific needs?

Test Automation is not just about choosing a suitable platform. To succeed in automation, you'll need to understand the platform, best practices, know how to setup environments and execute with Continuous Integration. You'll also have to take into account the lifetime cost of owning & maintaining test automation scripts, not just the upfront cost of setting it up.

One Vs. Many

A single tool for your web, desktop and mobile application test automation needs or a separate one for each? Making this decision will narrow down your options by about 80%.

Open Source Vs. Paid

Open source is what usually comes to mind when most people are getting started with test automation. Sometimes an open source tool is what you need but not always.

Ease of Use

Your team may be super excited about implementing test automation today but will they be as excited 2 years from now? When your entire team is focused on fighting product features' war with competition.

One Vs. Many

Unless you have some legacy test automation code that you cannot get rid of, there's rarely ever a good reason to choose multiple tools for managing test automation for web, desktop and mobile applications separately.

You can avoid a lot unnecessary hassles, touch-points and bulky reporting by choosing a platform that can work well across all channels.

Managing an agile and integrating with other automation tools is so much easier when you have only one test automation platform to work with.
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Open Source Vs. Paid

The decision to go with an open source test automation platform such as Selenium or a low code paid one such Sahi Pro may seem like a cost driven decision but it's not. The upfront cost of setting up an open source test automation platform and even maintaining it over time quickly adds up.

However, you may have other reasons to choose an open source test automation tool. For instance, if your application use cases are simple and your dev team has sufficient bandwidth, it's probably not a bad idea to play around with a tool like Selenium.

In either case, we recommend you speak to at least a few companies similar to yours who may have implemented a tool like Selenium in the past and see what they have to say. If they have moved on to a paid tool - ask them about specific reasons for doing so.
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Ease of Use

Ease of use isn't just important at the time of implementation. In fact, when you are just getting started with test automation, your team might be overly excited and will put in the extra effort in building a homegrown automation script.

The trouble starts later when everyone's busy focusing on core product features and updating old automation scripts takes a back seat. A common mistake many testers make in such cases is - they try to make automation work using hacks rather than simulating end user interactions. Test automation scripts that are built from scratch (e.g. using Selenium) expose complexity to automation engineers and dealing with two layers of complexity (tool complexity + application complexity) becomes overwhelming.

Sahi Pro test automation platform is used by 400+ companies worldwide. It works mostly out-of-the-box & lets you work with complex test automation scenarios as easily as the simple ones.
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Sahi Pro's product philosophy is to make test automation minimal effort exercise so that testers are empowered with a lot more time for creative testing. When you begin the free trial, it's the first thing that'll strike you.
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