Test Automation
October 7, 2022

Visualise your test automation in advance.

The past week our team had been interacting with various QA and testing practitioners from the industry via various conferences. One of the conferences was with 'STeP-IN Summit,2022.'

Tyto Software (Sahi Pro) were the event sponsor of the STeP-IN SUMMIT 2022.' We have been in the test automation industry for over 10 years now. We believe in solving the Business problems while providing test automation solutions. CEO presented a talk on TFC, where we introduced Test Flow Charts (testflowchart.com), our no-code test automation tool, to the world for the first time. We had some great feedback from our audience.

Using our Sahi Pro's BDTA framework, we were able to achieve a truly no-code test automation solution.

How did we achieve the no-code test automation with Sahi Pro?

      In the space where testers were used to record and then use the generated scripts, Sahi Pro allows the users to input the test cases using excel like user interface and record the interactions from here.

So, TFC is here to provide value as a fully no-code test automation tool where it handles two problems

  • The data passed throughout the test automation process in the system.
  • Setting up the pre-conditions and test flow for the test cases to be created.

Highlights of the Keynote delivered by Mr Raman:

  • TFC has been an experimental project for 1.5 to 2 years now.
  • Application testing is the future. TFC is a visual way of depicting the intent of the application testing and is easily understandable.
  • TFC is built for automation where the back-end is already functional to validate your automation codes. TFC is a NO CODE solution.
  • TFC provides the flexibility to find out where you are in the automation of your test system.  
  • We can modify values at a specific node on the selected path. We can also add or delete the selected nodes from the paths.
  • It makes automation effortless.
  • TFC understands the input given and the definition of the path.
  • TFC is built on the Sahi platform. Hence, it has all the features of Sahi with added value.

During the event, the best part after the talk was the networking breaks. At this time, folks from different companies walked in and inquired about Sahi Pro and TFC.

The conversations about the challenges testing teams shared were more inclined to reduce the time taken to deliver the software testing of the project within their budget. The TFC and Sahi Pro solutions help us stand out in delivering test automation solutions in the software testing industry.

A surprising question that popped up multiple times was whether 'TFC' will support the automation of Desktop applications. Since Test Flow Charts is built on Sahi Pro, it will eventually support all Web, Desktop and Mobile applications, just like Sahi Pro does today.

For more queries, do reach out to us on 'https://www.testflowchart.com.'

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