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February 21, 2024

Unveiling Sahi Pro 11 in 2024 - From Founder's Desk Series 1

A Lot Happened Over the Past Year

We played with 2 angles. One was to work with enterprises to solve complex problems involving flows across Web, Desktop, SAP etc., using Sahi Pro 10. These were problems not solvable by other tools and our POCs were promising. The other angle was to focus on start-ups and give them a no-code test automation tool. This was Test Flow Charts. We felt start-ups which had started getting traction and were releasing often would need tools which are low in complexity and resources. To cater to the start-ups we launched testflowchart.com as a SaaS solution. Below are our learnings from our experiments and our path forward.

We kept testflowcharts.com and Sahi Pro separate, so that we could experiment on no-code interfaces without the baggage of Sahi Pro's existing UI and usability. This was a mixed bag. The UI turned out great and very usable. Our testflowchart customers loved it and we could see how fast their test authoring was. We moved to weekly releases which boosted our team morale a lot and reduced the pressure on dev and test teams. However, we could not get too many start-ups as paying customers. In most cases, the need for automation was not felt. Most start-up dev teams were small and feature lists not too big, so testing and releasing was not a big problem yet. We realized that start-ups were not the right Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for us.

The other angle of solving end to end automation for enterprises worked great for us. The POCs converted to sales and we helped customers automate complex workflows, especially in the PLM space of the automotive world. Interestingly, these customers also expressed significant interest in using the no-code (flowchart) interface.

So here is what we are doing. We are merging the no-code Flowcharts UI into Sahi Pro 11. Sahi Pro 11 will have pro-code, low-code and no-code interfaces for our customers. They will be able to automate flows across Web, Desktop, Mobile and SAP using the no-code Flowcharts interface too. The no-code will co-exist with existing Sahi scenarios and scripts and it will be possible to reuse existing coded/low-code artifacts in the no-code Flowcharts.

We are shipping a Sahi Pro 11-beta in 2024. If your team is interested please ping us here or on support@sahipro.com

What happens to the testflowchart SaaS interface? We are discontinuing it. Existing users can move to Sahi Pro 11-beta and access that functionality locally on their system. 

We are very gung-ho about the year ahead. We believe Sahi Pro 11 will significantly disrupt how test automation is approached in 2024. Thank you again and look forward to your support and good will in the journey ahead!

And yes, we celebrated too.

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