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October 4, 2016

Tyto Software (Creators of Sahi Pro) is Proud to Sponsor

two (this might increase soon) conferences this year.We love to interact with the software testing community. Though there are multiple conferences happening at this time of the year, due to time and other constraints, we picked the following conferences to sponsor.

Silver Sponsors
Agile Development, Better Software, & DevOps East Conference
Date: Nov 13–18, 2016Location: Orlando, FL

Agile Dev East Conference
Agile Dev East Conference

The conference starts with a full day training class on different roles in Agile teams like ScrumMaster, Agile Tester, Product Owner certification and also on how to integrate test with a DevOps approach. The next two days have a lot of half-day and full-day tutorials.

Tutorial Topics
Tutorial Topics

We also liked how the tracks were classified into eight different themes:
Agile Leadership, Agile Metrics, Agile Requirements
Projects & Teams, Going Mobile, Software Quality
DevOps, DevOps Implementation.

After lunch, the tracks change to
Enterprise Agile, Agile techniques
Improving the Team, Projects & Teams
Internet of Things/User Experience
Test & QA, DevOps, DevOps Implementation.

On the last day, the audience will have a tough choice as new tracks like Personal Excellence, Test Automation, Business Analysis & Requirements, Design & Code are added. Finally, the day ends with a Agile Leadership Summit Reception followed by Agile Leadership Summit.

We wish all the attendees a wonderful learning experience and we will be actively monitoring the Twitter world for the tweets and live blogs on the conference days.

Micro Sponsors
TestBash Philadelphia
Date: Nov 10–11, 2016
Location: FringeArts Theatre

TestBash Philadelphia
TestBash Philadelphia

We always loved the energy of folks at MOT (Ministry of Testing). Their resources section is really a treasure mine for folks in software testing. You can also check out the page? - Resources. We have been following them and love the videos they record as part of TestBash or the 99sec talks. So, when we had a choice of sponsoring TestBash, we immediately grabbed it. We are sponsoring the TestBash Philadelphia. Check out the amazing speakers for this conference:

Fiona Charles: Gaining Consciousness
The last time I met Fiona was at CAST 2015 where I attended the tutorial on Speaking Truth to Power and how to deliver difficult messages. It was such an engaging tutorial where we learned to take baby steps towards being more courageous. Without any doubt, this session would also be a great one and engage testers. Do attend.

Alan Page: Testing without Testers
My first serious interaction with Alan’s work was with his book: Quite controversial and technical concepts presented in a simple, easy to understand manner. Even in his recent blog posts, his ideas of how to generate test data or test API is quite interesting. Do attend his talk to find out what he thinks about Testing without Testers.

Maaret Pyhäjärvi: A Mob Testing Experience
Reading the blog post on Mob Testing here: gives me some idea about Mob Testing. The participants must not miss the chance to hear her talk about it live.

Megan Studzenski & Cheri Kure: A Tester Training Program Awakens
Looking forward to the tweets about this session and best wishes to the speakers.

Nancy Kelln: What the Hell Kind of Testing is That?
I met Nancy in EuroSTAR 2010 first and then in Bangalore for a conference. Very experienced tester and she definitely knows how to get her point across in an engaging way. Her talk title made me smile and do not be surprised if some myths are busted in her session.

Abby Bangser and James Spargo: How we learned to stop worrying and start treating infrastructure like any other feature
This would be a new topic for me and I hope Twittersphere will help me with the insights from this talk.

Elizabeth Zagroba: Succeeding as an Introvert
After attending Problem Solving Leadership workshop, I could appreciate the different personality traits and how people respond to situations. Considering that we work with people more than products, this session should provide the attendees with lots of valuable takeaways.

Dan Ashby and Stephen Janaway: Testing In The Pub ­ Live!
If you would heard of the Testing in the Pub podcasts, this session must be an interesting one to know the history of Testing in the Pub. They are also planning to record one session live and demonstrate how anyone can easily contribute to the software community activities.

Angie Jones: How to Get Automation Included in Your Definition of Done
I have been following Angie on twitter and she seems quite active tweeting about the sessions she has been attending at different conferences and sharing the ideas.

Christina Ohanian: Embracing Change: The challenges of changing ‘traditional’ mindsets
Many of us face this challenge everyday. It will be a good experience to know what Christina has to share on this topic.

Israel Alvarez: Applying Newly Acquired Testing Skills on the Job
Learning is a continuous activity. What do you do after you learn something new related to software testing? Let us see how Israel Alvarez applied his skills on the job. Maybe, we can also learn how to implement our learning at our job.

Lanette Creamer: Test Like a Cat (Not a Dog)
If you are active on twitter, especially in software testing, you must already be knowing about Lanette. Experienced professional, cat-lover, a passionate advocate of whole team software quality, Lanette’s talk title is not surprising. With her rich experience of working in different contexts, this talk is a must attend for any software professional. Do not miss it.

Ash Coleman: Agile Tester Interactions: The Story Of Story Kickoff
She is already super famous in the software testing field as her first speaking experience was a debate against James Bach at Test Masters Academy. If we go by the Twittersphere, she was at her best - calm, composed and defended her points without any fear, backed up by insightful points. Do not miss her talk as she talks about the importance of story kickoff in an Agile setting.

We wish the attendees of both the conferences, a rich learning experience and total return for the time and money spent for the conferences. Make new friends, question the speakers and take back lots of thoughts and ideas to implement at your workplace.

Till we meet next time, happy testing!!!

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