April 24, 2024

Tip of the Day 5

Tip 5

Use Business Driven Test Automation to Start Early and Finish Faster

How to use BDTA?

1. Define the flow in your Language like English, German or Dutch.

2. Define the flow using Keywords like Login, Add Books etc.

3. Optionally, add parameters as applicable. (Eg. Login: Username, Password).

4. Use the Run/Record feature to record steps and implement the Keywords.

How does BDTA help you?

1. You Start Testing Before They Code

BDTA allows test automation to begin much earlier in the project lifecycle.

2. Involve BA & PM Right Away

Business personnel, testers, or project managers can be involved in creating scenario files as they are simple and business-centric.

3. Less Effort

This modularized approach leads to lesser maintenance time & effort!

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