Product Update
March 14, 2011

Sahi V3.5 2011-03-14 released

  • We have added support for HTML5 elements, so, for example,  

     is identified by Sahi as:


  • Proxy switching on IE has become a little better
  • _collect and _count have been added.


  [code]_assertEqual(5, _count("_link", "View Details"));[/code]


  [code]var $els = _collect("_link", "/View/");
  var $len = $els.length;
  _assertEqual(5, $len);
  _assertEqual("View Details", _getText($els[0]));

  • Ignorable ids made a user modifiable property in So if you have a new framework which generates ids in a definite pattern, you can ask Sahi to not use them as identifiers for accessors.
    Look at recorder.ignorable_ids.pattern in
  • Checkbox simulation has fluctuated a bit in the last few builds of
    Chrome. Sahi now assumes Chrome 10+ as default. This is modifiable in

    Change to false if the checkboxes seem to toggle back to original state.

Download the latest version from here:
and do spread the good word.
You can tweet about it, or like us on Facebook or write a blog post about it.

Wish you happy productive testing!

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