Product Update
May 21, 2009

Sahi V2 Release 2009-05-21 is now available!

Sahi V2 2009-05-21 is a stable build.Plase use and give feedback to make the next release more stable. Download here

* Features added
Optimizations to increase speed.
Optimized listing of log files.
Added better error messages for el = null errors.
Added tests for failing features.

Added _parentNode(el, tagName, occurrence),
Added _parentCell(el, occurrence)
Added _parentRow(el, occurrence)
Added _parentTable(el, occurrence)
Added _cell("cellText")
Added _in() and modified other accessors to take inElement as parameter

saveAs looks at Content-Disposition: attachment to download files

Added tests around accessor identification
Test and highlight on the Recorder tab work on selected text
Temp files saved via "Save As" have session id prefixed to prevent overwrite.

_rte for richtext editors based on iframe
Reset button added to Playback. Does not refresh page.
_scriptPath added
_type added to type partial content without blur or onchange.
moved to chunked encoding

Added element.visibility_check.strict = false to This is the default now.
Added download.download_if_contentdisposition_is_attachment = false to
Set this to true to automatically download files with header Content-Disposition:attachment.
Causes problems with profile images.

Stubs for Sahi's APIs and basic objects like window and document added.
This allows variable declarations like
var $ln = _link("Form Test");
Added xhr.wait_when_ready_state_3 to
Set to false for cases if some XHRs never reach readyState 4. Needed for gmail.

* Bugfixes

Playback to recorder tab switch when moving between multiple domains during playback fixed.
Messages displayed multiple times during retry of step removed. Shows only once.
Fixed NaN error in _logException and _logExceptionAsFailure.
Fixed Content-Type related errors for state.js.
Fixed order of response headers (SignIn Cookie problem).
Log viewer shows file not found message and do not throw an exception on the console.

Autosuggest on Controller Accessor field does not disappear to the right.
APIs dropdown only lists public APIs of Sahi
_imageSubmitButton indexes fixed. (Treats alt and title equivalently)
saveAs NPE fixed

Fixed traffic logging. It had stopped working after moving to streams.

Divs are identified as _div instead of _spandiv
Spans are identified as _span instead of _spandiv

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