Product Update
April 20, 2019

Sahi Pro Version 8.0 Released

We did a lot in this version and everything is working fine.

Read this section, before upgrading to Sahi Pro v8.0.0

NOTE: files will no longer work from v8.0.0.
NOTE: Sahi Pro License Servers will also not work from v8.0.0.

  • We have brought in significant changes to our licensing mechanism to ease end user administration.
  • From v8.0.0, license product keys will be used instead of files.
  • We are reaching out to our customers to provide product keys for the licenses they have bought.
  • Sahi Pro User licenses allow installation only on one machine
  • Sahi Pro Concurrent licenses should be used if you need to work on multiple machines
  • Two (2) Sahi Pro Runner licenses are provided free with each Concurrent license. Additional Runner licenses will need to be purchased. (Eg. If you have 5 concurrent licenses, you will get 1 product key and you will be able to run 5 concurrent instances of Sahi Pro and 10 instances of Sahi Pro Runner.)
  • The End User License Agreement (EULA) has changed to reflect that we collect end user data to verify licenses.

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