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April 18, 2014

Sahi Pro v5.1.1 fast execution without waits on Chrome 34

Some of you may have noticed that Sahi Pro does not wait correctly for page loads since Chrome 34. This happens because of a change in window.document.readyState behaviour in (since?) Chrome 34.

To fix it, do the following:




// Chrome 33 fix start

Sahi.prototype.replace33 = function(fn) {return "("+(""+fn).replace("_isChrome", "isChrome33Minus")+")";}

Sahi.prototype.areWindowsLoaded = eval(_sahi.replace33(Sahi.prototype.areWindowsLoaded)); = eval(_sahi.replace33(;

Sahi.prototype.getChromeVersion = function() {

var m = window.navigator.appVersion.match(/Chrome\/(\d+)\./);

return m ? parseInt(m[1], 10) : 0;


Sahi.prototype.isChrome33 = function() {return this._isChrome() && this.getChromeVersion() == 33;}

Sahi.prototype.isChrome33Minus = function() {return this._isChrome() && this.getChromeVersion() <= 33;}

//Chrome 33 fix end

before the line

__sahiDebug__("user_ext.js: end");

Restart Sahi, clear browser cache and check if it works.

If you have trouble, please email support.

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