Product Update
August 26, 2013

Sahi Pro V5.0.9 - What's New?

Download Sahi Pro V5.0.9

This is a bugfix release.

Below is the changelog:

26 August 2013
Sahi Pro V5.0.9 released.
This is a bugfix release.

* Bugfixes
                 Fixed: IE renders correctly depending on X-UA-Compatible for ie meta tag
Fixed: Cookie value containing extra trailing comma issue
Fixed: Setting UserDefinedId from inside a script.
To set the userDefinedId from inside a script, use the following code         ScriptRunner.getSession().getSuiteInfo().setUserDefinedId("sampleid");
Fixed: For Ajax requests, Sahi will return a 401 response by default, instead of returning
        a custom 401 page with 200 status.
To change the behavior, add xhr.return_401_response=false in
        Fixed: parser bug where switch statement immediately following a case statement was ignored
Fixed: parser bug where function.bind was causing classcast exception
Fixed: parser bug to handle unary operators in statements; like _click(_link($i++))
Fixed: Missing added
Fixed: Correctly showing error in logs if path is wrong while running
        from suite from testrunner.
Fixed: Screenshot comparison logs in IE9

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