Product Update
December 5, 2016

Sahi Pro Plus - Native Desktop, Mobile, Java automation

Over the past year we have collated a lot of success stories from our customers as case studies. In many of our conversations, we were told that while we solved the web problem well, there were still bits involving desktop applications, java applications, Web Services, mobile and other technologies which leave gaps in the automation.

So we set out to make Sahi usable across a business enterprise, enabling automation of all those technologies. We are very close to the release of Sahi Pro Plus, our new offering which will have Windows desktop automation, Java UI automation (as desktop apps or as applets/jws), REST API automation and Android native application automation. All these technologies will follow the same familiar path of identification and recording via the Sahi Controller, easily scriptable with Sahi script or Java and executable via editor, command line or ANT.

We will soon be releasing Sahi Pro Plus. Look forward to more posts on Sahi Pro Plus. If you are interested in an early access release to test against your applications, or if you would like to talk to us regarding Sahi Pro Plus, please email us at

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