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December 27, 2019

Sahi Pro Partnership @ Global Testing Retreat

Global Testing Retreat event #ATAGTR2019 was conducted at the International Institute of Information Technology, Pune by Agile Testing Alliance in Dec 2019. It was a fun-filled event attended by numerous testers & managers and had many speakers specialized in the latest technologies.

Sahi Pro was an innovative partner at the event and had our team set up a booth for demonstration, discussion & networking with the delegates. Testers were enthusiastic about the tool as they made enquiries on various aspects. Many testers who were Selenium users got to know how easily they can handle Xpaths and native events in Sahi Pro.

We also showcased how Sahi Pro works in various modes and different browsers
We also had a registration desk for a free quick POC on your own application, for which many testers showed interest. We explained how Sahi Pro can be used in their application in their respective scenarios.

Overall it was an excellent experience to connect with our real users, showcase our product and get to know their real-time feedback and requirements. Sahi Pro aspires to create a community of learning, sharing and connecting by partnering with such events.

@Sahi Pro is always looking for avenues to engage with the tester community and help you learn and move forward in your test automation journey.

If you would like to have a look at Sahi Pro and give it a try, you can-

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