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March 7, 2021

Learn How to fix Sahi Pro popup identification In Firefox 86

With the release of Firefox 86 version, Firefox has changed the behavior of

Sahi Pro identifies popups based on, and previously, it would persist across the domain until someone explicitly changes it.

Due to the recent change in Firefox 86, the behavior of is such that it resets every time one navigates to a different domain which breaks the Sahi Pro popup identification.

The First Statement will fail and show the below error when you run any test on Firefox 86 and above.

_setValue(_textbox("user"), "test") [12100 ms]
Window/Domain not found: popupNameFromStep= derivedName=Login;
windowTitle=Login; windowURL=;
wasOpened=1; sahiWinId=sahiWinId_1; appName=;
windowNameUUID=sahi_c7702be30f0b8042cb0aad307e246ba6162f; isIFrame=0

To fix this, please follow the steps below.

  1. Take a backup of <Sahi Pro>/config/ff_profile_template/prefs.js.
  2. Add the below line in <Sahi Pro>/config/ff_profile_template/prefs.js
    file.user_pref("", false);
  3. Delete the <Sahi Pro>/userdata/browser/ff folder.
  4. Restart Sahi Pro and check.

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