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February 4, 2020

Sahi Pro as a Sponsor, Exhibitor and Olympiad Organiser at #SeleniumDay

30-31st Jan 2020 saw one of the biggest testing events organized at Bengaluru by 1point21GWs. Sahi Pro being a partner was a sponsor and exhibitor at the event. Our team set up a fun and engaging Demo booth at the 2-day event and showcased a lot of interesting features of Sahi Pro.

Our Evangelist Nishi Grover Garg (@testwithnishi) was a speaker at the event and presented a 30- minute talk on “Layered Approach to Test Automation” which was an interactive session and saw great response.

Not only that, Sahi Pro was also the organizer for the Testing Olympiad Quiz Finals. The quiz hosted by Nishi, was a fun, interactive and engaging Olympiad all about testing and related topics. Designed and organized by Sahi Pro team, it was the highlight of the day for not only the finalist participants but also the audience as they got a chance to win exciting Sahi Pro goodies!

The winners were announced after a thrilling contest comprising 5 rounds of Testing fundamentals, DevOps & Automation round, Audi-visual round, Attention to detail and the final Rapid Fire Round! The details of the winners have been announced here too -

It sure was a grand event and Sahi Pro made its presence felt in a number of ways, all owing to our enthusiastic team! Kudos to them and looking forward to many more interesting events in 2020!

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