Release Update
September 12, 2006

Sahi Nightly Build 2006-09-12 released

A lot of features have been added in this release.* APIS added_expectPrompt(label, txt)_lastPrompt()_debug(s)_debugToErr(s)_debugToFile(s, file)_getDB(driver, jdbcurl, username, password)_readFile(file)* _expectConfirm(boolean) has been changed to _expectConfirm(label, boolean);* Fixed bug relating to invalid logs being created when there are popups* _getDB API added for database access* _readFile(file) added for file reading* debug apis added for writing to a log file* Fixed bug regarding dollar array variables. Arrays can also be used as dollar variables now* scheduler functions work from inside _call also, without messing the execution stackDownload from here

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