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June 26, 2009

Parsing XML in Sahi scripts

Sahi uses Rhino as its JavaScript engine and Rhino has excellent support for handling XML.

Below is a script which reads and asserts XML nodes and attributes. The example has been picked from so that it is easy to experiment with the IBM examples in this script

.var xmlStr = '' +
'' +
'   ' +
'      Ant' +
'      Shaggy' +
'      Blue' +'      176' +
'   ' +
'   ' +
'      Paul' +
'      Spiky' +
'      Grey' +
'      178' +
'   ' +
'';var $x = new XML(xmlStr);
_assertEqual("Ant", $x.person[0].name.toString());
_assertEqual("Grey", $x.person[1].eyes.toString());
for each (var $p in $x.person){
var $measure = $p.height.@measure.toString();
_assert($measure == "metric");
_assert($p.height > 170);

Two points to note:

1) All nodes that you access are of type xml. You will need to use toString() on them before you assert them.
2) Using @ from inside a Browser Action Function (like _click, _assert etc.) causes the script to fail because of a parsing error in Sahi's code. So first assign it to a variable and then use it, like it has been used for $measure. This bug will be fixed in the coming release.

There is a lot more that can be done with the XML object. Have a look at these links:

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