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April 23, 2021

2021: Launching Sahi Pro Academy- Become a certified Test Automation Engineer!!

Sahi Pro Academy: An initiative by Sahi Pro - The test Automation tool for Web, Web Services, Mobile, Desktop, and SAP.

Become a Sahi Pro Certified Test Automation Engineer for FREE!

Sahi Pro Academy offers a certified course in Test Automation through carefully selected trails that you can go through at your own pace. Complete all trails within each level to progress from a Beginner to an Advanced Practitioner level.  

Learn about Sahi Pro’s features, operations, and concepts/frameworks such as Business Driven Test Automation (BDTA), Dev-Ops, and Continuous Testing. Maintain your Test Scripts easily via Sahi Pro’s simple and intuitive UI. Become proficient in Automating different Technologies.

Here is a short video walk-through of Sahi Pro Academy.

Whether you are a Manual Tester looking to switch into a career in Test Automation or are looking to advance your skill in Test Automation – Enroll now @ to become a Sahi Pro Certified Test Automation Engineer for FREE!

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