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November 10, 2016

Know your TestBash Speakers: Elizabeth Zagroba

This series of blog posts is an attempt to introduce you to some of the TestBash Philadelphia 2016 speakers and ask them few questions related to the talk/work. Our previous speakers interviews can be read here: Alan Page, Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Dan Ashby and Stephen Janaway, Nancy Kelln and Angie Jones.

Today, we introduce you to Elizabeth Zagroba. For those who have not heard of Elizabeth, here is a brief introduction about her from the speakers page at TestBash Philadelphia 2016.

Elizabeth Zagroba is a context-driven software tester at Huge in Brooklyn. She’s tested innovative user interfaces for iOS and Android apps, responsive websites, content management systems, and streaming and on-demand audio. Before Huge, Elizabeth worked on the digital team at a public radio station in Manhattan.

Her session is titled: Succeeding as an Introvert

Sahi Pro: When do introverts give their best?

Elizabeth: Introverts give their best when they have time on their own to prepare. Introverts process information more deeply and make more connections, but that can take longer. Brainstorming sessions, meetings without an agenda, or putting people on the spot won't get the best out of an introvert.

Sahi Pro: What are few misconceptions about introverts?

Elizabeth: I think the biggest misconception about introverts is that they're just shy. Shyness is a social anxiety that stops people from doing the things they want to do: chairing the committee, speaking up. Introverts don't want to be doing those things in the first place. I think introverts can also be seen as boring or not knowing how to have fun. Introverts recharge when they're alone, so they might be less eager to go out for lunch or a drink after work.

Sahi Pro: "Innovative user interfaces for iOS and Android apps", Sounds interesting, tell us more.

Elizabeth: I love working on projects where the expected behavior is unknown. I worked on the Radiolab app at New York Public Radio. The show is an immersive sound and psychological experience, so we tried to mirror that in the app. The navigation travelled from a room, to a field outside, and up into space, with stops along the way for different pieces of information and Easter eggs. At Huge, I worked on an app for EA Sports that took a 3D scan of your face so you could play alongside your favorite basketball players in the NBA Live 2016 video game. With the camera activated, you held your phone in place and turned your head from side to side. In both apps, the onboarding and coaching was the most important part. We wanted people to use their devices in ways they weren't expecting. I enjoyed figuring out what people assumed and finding ways to reorient them.

Thank you for your time, Elizabeth Zagroba. We appreciate your contribution to the software community and best wishes to you and the conference.

Hope everyone has a good time, listening to Elizabeth speak on "Succeeding as an Introvert" session. Do tweet and blog about the conference and share the learning with the software community.

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