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June 16, 2022

How to install Sahi’s root certificate on Android 11 and above?

For automating HTTPS websites in mobile browsers in Android 11 or more, Sahi’s root certificate must be installed.
Below are the steps to install Sahi’s root certificate on android 11 and above.

  1. Start Sahi on a machine that is on the same network as the mobile device
  2. Configure the proxy settings of the browser on the device with proxy host as machineIP and proxy port as 9999.
    eg.: proxy host:
           proxy port: 9999.
  3. On the mobile browser, navigate to "http://machineIP:9999/".
  4. On navigating to "http://machineIP:9999/", below page opens. Click on the "crt" or "der" links to download the Sahi’s root certificate.

 5. To install Sahi’s root certificate on your mobile device, open Settings.
                a) Go to Biometrics/Security -> Other security settings/Credential Storage (depend on devices) ->
                     Install certificates from storage -> CA Certificate.
                b) Accept the warning alert.
                c) Browse to the downloaded certificate and select it.
                d) Confirm the certificate installation.



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