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September 4, 2020

How to Fix Chrome & Firefox update causing scripts to fail in Sahi Pro

Browsers namely Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. have recently adopted a secure mode by default. Thus the latest version of browsers prefers an https connection.

With the recent chrome upgrade, the scripts started failing with a 90-second issue.

To fix the issue, please follow the steps below.

Please download the latest version of Sahi Pro 9.0.0 from the link below.

Sahi Pro Downloads

- Once it is downloaded, please upgrade the version to Sahi Pro 9.0.1 using
   Dashboard -> Configure -> Upgrade Sahi Pro -> Install v9.0.1

- It will automatically restart Sahi Pro and upgrades the version to 9.0.1.

- Now, take a backup of <Sahi>/userdata/browser/chrome folder and delete the same.

- Click on the Configure link from the Sahi Dashboard.

- Click on Update Sahi Pro.

- In Install patch from URL, paste the below URL and click on Apply Patch.

   Download Patch

- It will automatically apply the changes and restart Sahi Pro.

- Execute the scripts and check.

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