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January 8, 2021

How to Autoheal your Test Scripts using Sahi Pro

Every testing team has faced problems with flaky test automation scripts and false failures.

As we incrementally build our application in agile, our application is bound to change. The screens and their elements are prone to changes in their placement, attributes, and accessors. This leads to problems with test automation creation and execution.

Our test scripts show false failures due to elements not being found – just because some attribute or accessor changed.

This means we need to constantly edit and maintain our test scripts for any changes in elements to keep them working and avoiding false failures.

This exercise could be more time consuming than the scripting itself!

The solution with Sahi Pro v9.0

Sahi Pro 9.0 brings you the all new concept of Autoheal to overcome these issues with flaky scripts and false failures.

Autoheal is the ability of the automation script to heal itself when it encounters a failure.

Sahi Pro’s Autoheal functionality allows automatic healing and recovery of failing scripts based on the data from previous runs.

Check out this video to know why you need Autoheal


How Autoheal Works

With Autoheal, as you create and execute your test scripts, Sahi stores the data of this script, all its elements and their properties for future reference.

When you re-run the script, there are chances that your elements, their attributes or placements may have changed with changes in the application. Without making any changes to the script, you can just re-run it with Autoheal enabled.

When an element is not found during the playback, Sahi Pro looks for a viable alternate based on the data of its previous runs. If the alternative works fine, Sahi will mark the change in the logs and continue execution.

See it in action in this step-by step tutorial video


With Autoheal you get meaningful reports with all the details you would need

  • It shows that the accessor used in the script was not found and shows the details of the alternative used instead.
  • You are also shown a screenshot of the application with the intended element highlighted.
  • You can go to the exact line of code to see where the change needs to be made.

Sahi Pro’s Autoheal capability can reduce unnecessary failures and minimise the effort spent in stopping, analysing and rerunning your scripts.

Autoheal in Test Automation can be the revolutionary concept that can help you avoid false failures and reduce the need to constantly edit and maintain your test scripts!

Experience it yourself now!

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