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July 24, 2023

AI Assist Questions and Answers - Webinar Audience Queries

Webinar - Audience Queries

On 27th June 2023 we hosted a Webinar What's New in Sahi Pro v10.0. In the webinar among the other features a new feature was launched for Sahi Pro v10.0.

It is the AI Assist Add-on. You can learn more about it here.

During the Webinar some queries came from the audience that attended the webinar. You can also attend future webinars. Please follow our LinkedIn Page for future updates.

Questions and Answers from Webinar - What's New in Sahi Pro v10.0

1. What is the difference between capturing with Optical Character Recognition and Image Recognition?

AI Assist based identification involves capturing an image. We employ two technologies namely Image recognition and Optical Character Recognition. Image recognition technology can be used to identify icons, images, text etc. while OCR can be used to identify texts on your application screen.

2. Is it possible to switch from CATIA to Enovia & vice versa using AI Assist add on?

Yes. We can easily switch between different applications like Desktop, Web etc.

For more details click this link -

3. Can we use AI Assist Add On to automate Mobile applications ?

AI Assist Add-on is currently available only for automating Web and Desktop applications. In the future releases, Artificial Intelligence based automation will be available for Mobile applications as well.

4. How does the image recognition works? Pixel by Pixel or by saving the snippet as image and comparison ?

AI Assist Add-on employs multiple approaches internally. It involves pixel by pixel comparison as well as saving the snip.

5. Will the AI Assist APIs work even if the screen resolution changes ?

AI Assist APIs will work independent of the display settings like screen resolution, scaling, etc.

For more details about AI Assist APIs click this link -

In case you are curious what other features were released in Sahi Pro v10.0.

Read this blog "Sahi Pro v10.0.0 Released"

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