Sahi Pro Test Automation Platform

Free Trial Package Includes:

Sahi Pro free trial package is designed to help you take an informed decision in selecting the test automation platform that's the best fit for your needs. Whether it's us or some other platform, the information provided in the package along with a few days of easy tinkering with Sahi Pro free trial will help you discover what's best for your needs.
  • Fully loaded Sahi Pro test automation platform 30 days free trial
  • Executive briefing on how leading tech companies select test automation platforms (5 page pdf)
  • 4 interviews with senior test automation industry leaders, including one with career advice for young techies (15 page pdf)
  • Best practice recommendations from 3 tech founders on how they dealt with test automation challenges (10 page pdf)
  • 7 in-depth case studies detailing a variety of test automation challenges faced by various industry verticals (12 page pdf)
  • Free access to Sahi Test Automation Academy
30 days free trial • Run unlimited number of tests for free • No credit card required